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Photography has been a huge passion of mine for many years. It wasn’t until recent that my son Aidan encouraged me to pursue the art. I can usually be found on the weekends taking pictures of family or working on a photo shoot project.

Before I get into who I am, let me share with you the concept name behind Amar Image and where it comes from. Once again inspired by my son, I wanted a name that stood out and was different. After hours and hours of seeking the right name, I wrote down our initials and found it. The first two letters are my son’s initials and the second set is mine.

My photography style is all about having fun and being different, while using traditional techniques to extravagant ideas. I’m about making my clients feel comfortable and watching the client get excited when viewing the final images.

We are located in San Diego, CA. and enjoy traveling to help capture those special moments. Book an appointment today!

Let Amar Image Photography capture your special moments. Turn a simple idea into photographs that lasts you a life time.

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